We strive to provide our customers with a great foundation for their grass to grow.  From the thermally refined 100% wood mulch, certified grass seed, tackier, fertilizer and soil amendments, we offer a great starting point.  To ensure a great lawn or vegetative covering, there are a few things that the end user must follow thru on after the initial hydroseeding treatment.


For the first 7-10 days after seeding it is very important to keep the mulch layer moist.  Watering twice daily (morning and evening) is recommended, especially during the warmer summer months.  Water until the mulch layer is very moist throughout but stop before puddling or pooling begin. By keeping the mulch layer moist, it will accelerate and maximize germination.  

In many instances, it may be more difficult to provide the recommended amount of water. Be it an larger acreage, where filling a cistern daily in order to water isn't a practical solution, or an off-the-beaten path area relying on Mother Nature to provide the moisture, rest assured seed germination will take place.  It will simply take longer.  In these instances, time allowing, we like to hydroseed in the spring or fall when the warm days and dry winds of summer are less taxing on the moisture in the mulch layer and soil.


We recommend mowing for the first time when the grass is roughly 3" tall.  For the first couple of mowing sequences, keep the the mower set at a high setting, taking off no more than 3/4" to 1 inch of grass.  This mowing will help foster more growth and a thicker lawn.  Also, think green and don't bag your clippings, you're grass will appreciate it.


Roughly 4-6 weeks after seeding, as your lawn is coming in nicely, we highly recommend the first fertilizer treatment.  This is something that can be done very easily by the home owner or end user, or we can provide the service by incorporating the fertilizer into the tank of the hydroseeder and spraying it on as we did during the initial hydroseeding.